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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate


FSD 17-02, Resolution on the Development and Implementation of EOs 1100 (revised) and 1110

FSD 17-01, Resolution Opposing the Cancellation of the DACA Program and Supporting Undocumented Students and Employees

FSD 16-41, Resolution in Support of the Academic Senate of the California State University Resolution AS-3298/EX

FSD 16-18, Resolution Opposing Timeline for Input on Academic Preparation

FSD 16-17, Resolution of No Confidence in the President of California State University, San Bernardino

FSD 16-15, Resolution on the Proposed CSU Intellectual Property Policy

FSD16-13, Resolution Endorsing Project Rebound

FSD 16-11, Resolution on Executive Order from U.S. President Regarding Restrictions on Refugees, Visas, and Legal Residents

FSD 16-10, Resolution Affirming Support for Undocumented Students in the CSU

FSD 16-07, Resolution of Endorsement for the Q2S Steering Committee Faculty Workload Recommendation

FSD 16-06 Resolution of Endorsement for the Q2S Faculty Workload Task Force Recommendation to the Q2S Steering Committee

FSD 16-05 Resolution of Endorsement for the Faculty Senate Executive Committee Response  to the Decision on Faculty Instructional Load Under the Semester System

FSD 16-04 Resolution Opposing the Proposed Tuition Hike

FSD 16-03 Resolution in Support of Proposition 55

FSD 15-22 Resolution in Appreciation of Professors Janet Kottke, Barbara Sirotnik, and Kathie Pelletier for their Exceptional Work in Producing the Campus Climate Study Report, Parts I & II (unanimous)

FSD 15-12 Resolution in Support of AB 798 to Support Affordable Learning Solutions (unanimous)

FSD 15-10 Resolution Calling for the CSU and the CFA to Implement the Recommendations of the Neutral Fact-Finder's Report and Avert a Strike

FSD 15-08 Resolution Concerning the Current Provost Search (unanimous)

FSD 15-05, A Resolution of Endorsement for the Report by the Committee to Evaluate the Resources Required for Optimal Teaching, Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities, and Service Under a Semester System (and Report)

FSD 15-01 Resolution Supporting Open Presidential Searches in the CSU (unanimous)

FSD 14-26 Resolution of Request to Chancellor Timothy White for Assistance in Assessing and Addressing Potential Issues in Our Campus Climate: A Respectful Request for Help

FSD 14-25 Resolution of Rebuke of President Tomás Morales for a Remarkable Lack of Respect: A CSUSB Core Value

FSD 14-24 Resolution Requesting Immediate Reinstatement and Retention of Andrew Bodman as Provost of California State University, San Bernardino

FSD 14-10 Resolution Regarding Transparency and Consultation on Fee Changes

FSD 13-13 Resolution in Support of the Symposium on Race and Race Relations (unanimous)

FSD 13-01 Resolution Endorsing and Supporting Academic Senate, California State University Resolution AS-3141-13/EX, Calling for Prompt Appointment of Faculty Trustee to California State University Board of Trustees (unanimous)

FSD 12-05 Resolution in Support of More Efficient and Effective Student Transfer to Enhance Access to Quality Education (unanimous)

FSD 12-04 Resolution of Commendation for Transparent Budget Practices at CSUSB(unanimous)

FSD 12-02 Resolution Endorsing the American Association of University Professor's (AAUP) Statement on Academic Freedom (unanimous)

FSD 12-01 Resolution Supporting and Endorsing: Support of Proposition 30 on the November 2012 Ballot: Temporary Taxes to Fund Education - Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding (unanimous)

FSD 11-01 Resolution Supporting and Endorsing: Response to Proposed Changes to the Board of Trustees Policy for the Selection of Presidents: Affirming the Importance of Campus Involvement and Transparency

FSD 11-02 Resolution Calling for Suspension of the CSU Online Initiative (unanimous)

FSD 11-04 Resolution in Support of CFA Concerted Action on November 17, 2011

FSD 11-10 Resolution Strongly Opposing Discontinuation or Suspension of State University Grants to Graduate Students in the CSU (unanimous)


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