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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate


Please feel free to contact the Faculty Senate office with any questions or concerns. The Faculty Senate office will also be able to forward any questions or concerns to the proper committee(s).


Christina Massey
Faculty Senate
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
909.537.5028 phone
909.537.7008 fax
AD-155 Office

Faculty Senate Executive Committee


Karen Kolehmainen
Faculty Senate
Chair, College of Natural Sciences Representative
909.537.5401 phone
PS-118 Office

Haakon Brown
Faculty Senate
Vice Chair, College of Business and Public Administration Representative
909.537.5716 phone
JB-409 Office

Janet Kottke
Faculty Senate
Secretary, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Representative
909.537.5585 phone
SB-538 Office

Jill Vassilakos-Long
Faculty Senate
College of Arts and Letters/Library Representative
909.537.7541 phone
PL-4009 Office

Nena Torrez
Faculty Senate
College of Education Representative
909.537.7321 phone
CE-267 Office

Rong Chen
Faculty Senate
Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) Chair
909.537.5887 phone
UH-301.33 Office

Mark Groen
Faculty Senate
Educational Policy and Resources Committee (EPRC) Chair
909.537.7625 phone
CE-246 Office

Jodie Ullman
Faculty Senate
Academic Statewide Representative
909.537.5593 phone
SB-537 Office

Beth Steffel
Faculty Senate
Academic Statewide Representative
909.537.5490 phone
VA-203 Office


California State University, San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway,
San Bernardino CA 92407-2318