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Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate


Campus Climate Survey 2016 Part One

Campus Climate Survey Part One Presentation 3/8/16 FS Meeting

Campus Climate Survey 2016 Part Two

Campus Climate Survey Part Two Presentation 5/10/16 FS Meeting

Campus Climate Progress Report - One Year Later

Strategic Planning Progress Report

FSD 15-05, A Resolution of Endorsement for the Report by the Committee to Evaluate the Resources Required for Optimal Teaching, Research, Scholarly, and Creative Activities, and Service Under a Semester System (and Report)

Q2S Faculty Workload Task Force Recommendation to the Q2S Steering Committee

Q2S Steering Committee Faculty Workload Recommendation

Periodic Review: Vice President of Academic Affairs Andrew Bodman, Ph.D.

CSUSB Institutional Learning Objectives

CSUSB General Education Learning Objectives

The Road Never Traveled ...Ten Propositions on the Future of the CSU: A Broadening of the Debate (A White Paper by Andrew Bodman)


Undocumented Student Success Center Presentation 11/7/17 FS Meeting

CEL Building Presentation 6/6/17 FS Meeting

Strategic Analysis of Graduate Programs Presentation 5/30/17 FS Meeting

Affordable Learning Solutions Presentation 5/30/17 FS Meeting

Faculty-In-Residence Program Presentation 5/30/17 FS Meeting

Proposed Online Change of Grade Process Presentation 4/11/17 FS Meeting

EPRC Recommendations on CEL Summer Monies Presentation 3/7/17 FS Meeting

Project Rebound Presentation 3/7/17 FS Meeting

Graduation Initiative Presentation 2/7/17 FS Meeting

SMSU Expansion Presentation 10/11/16 FS Meeting

Coyote FirstStep Presentation 3/8/16 FS Meeting

CSU International Programs Presentation 10/13/15 FS Meeting

Title IX Presentation at 3/10/15 FS Meeting

Maintenance and Renovation Expenses for Classrooms at 2/10/15 FS Meeting

Red Folder Project Presentation at 11/4/14 FS Meeting

CSU International Programs Presentation at 10/14/14 FS Meeting

Academic Technologies and Innovations Presentation at 3/11/14 FS Meeting

Proposed Revisions to Faculty RPT Presentation at 1/14/14 and 2/1/14 FS Meetings

JSTOR Presentation at 10/15/13 FS Meeting

WASC Presentation at 2/12/13 FS Meeting

Graduation and Retention Rates Presentation at 1/15/13 FS Meeting

Student Learning Assessment Update at 11/27/12 FS Meeting


ASCSU Resolutions

September 2016 First Reading Resolutions for Input

If you have any feedback regarding the recent Resolutions from the ASCSU, please click here ASCSU Resolutions Input Form.


Departmental/School Guidelines Approval Procedure Flowchart

Rubric for Departmental/School Guidelines


SOTE Comparisons Spring 2014

SOTE Comparisons Fall 2014

SOTE Comparisons Winter 2015

SOTE Comparisons Spring 2015

SOTE Comparisons Fall 2015

SOTE Comparisons Winter 2016

SOTE Comparisons Spring 2016

SOTE Comparisons Fall 2016

SOTE Comparisons Winter 2017

SOTE Comparisons Spring 2017

SOTE Pilot Report 8/23/06




An Evaluation of Course Evaluations


Committee Reports 16-17AY

Committee Reports 15-16AY

Committee Reports 14-15AY

Committee Reports 13/14 AY

Committee Reports 12/13 AY



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